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Welcome to the Homepage of Minoggio Rechtsanwälte. This short summary will give you an overview of our skills, our field of work and our principles.

We are a nationwide-operating law firm, specialized in criminal tax, tax law and law related to tax offenses. Our lawyers have special legal training concerning these fields of work and over 80 years of experience combined. We represent companies and private citizens in criminal investigations and regulatory offenses.

We cooperate case-dependent with tax consultants, civil lawyers, auditors and universities. Our own foreign language skills as well as our connections to many interpreters and foreign-language colleagues make for an optimal representation, should German not be your native tongue.

Dr. Ingo Minoggio
is a lawyer since 1984 and one of only 100 (of 160.000) lawyers possessing the additional qualifications of being a special lawyer concerning both criminal law and tax law. He represents clients in complex legal matters concerning business law and tax offenses, before courts and investigative bodies nationwide.
Additionally, he is the author of numerous articles concerning criminal law, criminal procedure and criminal law concerning business, furthermore he is the author of “Unternehmensverteidigung” (= Company Defense), Deutscher Anwaltsverlag February 2005, second edition was released in 2010, a third edition released in November 2015. He works as a lecturer for the Steinbeis Universität Berlin, Institute Risk and Fraud Management (lectures concerning financial statements and the defense of companies), and for the school of Finance & Management Frankfurt (lectures concerning the defense of companies).

Peter Wehn
is a lawyer since 1997 and also one of only 100 lawyers in Germany which possess the double qualification of being a specialist lawyer for criminal law and tax law. His primary field of work is the defense in investigations and cases before the district courts concerning criminal law, the judicial review of imprisonment and criminal cases concerning business and taxes. He is very experienced in trials before criminal court with lay judges in serious crimes concerning common criminal law and business law.

Dr. Barbara Bischoff 

is a lawyer since 2009 and has additonal qualifications in criminal law. Her primary field of work is the defense in cases of economic offenses, tax offenses and medical law. Very experienced in criminal compliance,  internal investigations and in the coordination of company defense. Advisor in cases of reports to the tax authorities of false or incomplete tax declaration. Author of numerous papers and publications, lecturer at the FOM School in Münster, Frankfurt School of Finance, Steinbeis School in Berlin. Years-long experience as a research associate at the institute of  Criminal Science at the University of Münster led by Dr. Klaus Boers.

Karsten Possemeyeris a lawyer since 2003 and part of our practice since 2004. Above-average training in criminal law and bancruptcy law. He is also a specialist lawyer for criminal law. He gained experience abroad and in another law practice.

He works as a defender before the district courts and local courts. He has distinctive forensic experience also as a public defender, in cases concerning imprisonment and in large-scale trials. He works both alone and in tandem with Mr. Wehn.

Thomas Westermann

is a lawyer since 2008, working in this firm since 2006 and also one of only 100 lawyers in Germany which possess the double qualification of being a specialist lawyer for criminal law and tax law. Extensive experience in the field of the defense of tax offenses. Represents clients before the tax court. Defender in criminal cases, alone and in complex cases as part of a team before all instances. Proficient in the english language.

To find out more about our practice, visit our German-language homepage and watch our German-language video.

In representations concerning criminal or regulatory offenses we suggest a flat rate amount for the whole matter or certain parts. The amount depends on the amount of work and the importance of the matter. Also possible is an hourly fee (see § 4 RVG). This fee ranges from 200 to 500 €.

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We are admitted to practice law everywhere in Germany and have two offices at our disposal, in downtown Hamm and downtown Münster.

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